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I recently published my self promotional newspaper mailer on behance. It would be great to get some comments on it.


Crowe About It is the self promotional material and branding of myself. The concept derives from the use of my second name tying in with the phrase ‘to crow about something’ meaning to talk or shout about something through conversation. The idea behind this creative direct mailer follows on from my personal branding twisting another phrase; read all about it to Crowe About It. That is the reason I decided to design a newspaper. The paper would hold a selected few projects as well as information about myself as a designer. I needed to come up with a clever way to ask for feedback from the companies I send this mailer to. Therefore I designed the inner back page with a coupon and feedback slip on, the coupon says they can have me as a designer for X amount of time and the feedback form to give me criticisms. The idea is that they will cut out the coupon if they would like to give me a placement and also send back the feedback form. I included a pre-paid envelope.

For letter heads, compliment slips, envelopes and other stationery I have put my logo onto stickers pre cut out, these stickers will be placed on the stationery making each slightly individual and different.

Lots of photographs of the direct mailer.

If you have any comments, please feel free to share! Get in touch or reply below!


I found these interesting and creative poster designs when researching:

Recently I updated my website, still work in progress, need to optimise the images.



For my self promotion work I want to create a newspaper specifically designed as a portfolio to show of my work. This would then be sent to design agencies asking them for a work placement in a few months. The reason I want to design a newspaper is because it ties in with my ‘Crowe about it’ branding and also connects to market traders selling papers, ‘Read all about it’. I found this newspaper in Bristol, it is designed to advertise certain events around the City.

I decided to print my posters off on my A3 printer to see which I liked the best and if I need to make any changes to colour and the design. Despite my printer leaving lines on the majority of them I would say they turned out well, perhaps needing to lighten up the Purple/Red so it matches the other more brighter colours.

I like them all as a group, I think they will look very nice either together or in the same vicinity as each other. For example if they were put up in Uni one colour could be in one room, another in the reception etc. Because the logo is strong the colour just adds to the design still, recognised as one.

So for the self promotion project we have been learning and re-capping about various printing methods, the main being screen printing. We need to design a poster advertising ourself and print it in a method we feel is best using traditional methods. I will be using screen printing because you can get accurate, clear prints easily using vibrant colours to do so. Where as using an inkjet printer may leave the final colours looking washed out.

I wanted to keep my poster simple and very eye catching. I had designed a poster which I liked, our tutor Jonathan Doney suggested changing it to the one below, however after playing around we both agreed my original design was much more effective.


Here is the design I will be going with, a strong logo in the corner with contact details below. The large amounts of negative space works well, showing a sharp, contemporary design.

Although the white blends into the yellow in the left image I think once screen printed it should become a lot clearer, these are not my final colour choices, I will need to see what inks are available when it comes to printing but I would image it will work in any colour I choose because the design and layout is so strong and effective.

So I have been working on designs to go onto the CD we need to make, the CD would be sent to possible clients or designers to show off my work, so it had to be eye catching and not one that is looked at once and put to one side. I think I got the design right the first time , I have(what I would say is) a strong logo so it was just about applying it in a creative and interesting manor.

The first image was simply playing around with making the text go around the outer curve of the CD, I thought it would be pretty cool to have contacts details shown in this way with a striking image in the centre. I also had to bare in mind the hole in the middle of the CD and if it would distort my logo.

The second image shows my logo positioned centrally on the CD, I like how bold it is and how well it stands out, the hole in the CD takes the place of the “O” in Crowe, so I think it works well. However, the ‘about it’ looks odd positioned centrally below “Crowe”, I decided to justify the “about it” to the right, lining up with the right side of  “Crowe”

The bright yellow blends in with the white logo so I decided to try a few different colours similar to the business cards, I believe it will work in any colour providing it is vibrant and not too light. The yellow may work depending on the type of ink used on top of the CD, I will have to print it out and see what it looks like, if I have doubts I will just use the blue above or another one of my chosen colours, magenta, black or green.

The next stage is creating the CD case/sleeve, I don’t like the design below because it is too basic and just looks naff. I want it to be something someone keeps and not a CD pushed to one side, if I want to be remembered I need to think more creatively outside the box (/sleeve), maybe relating it to my name somehow.

Next Stage: Designing a poster ready to be screen printed.

I find making letterheads to be the worst out of all corporate stationary, it just seems difficult to get it to look right without over or under powering the text. Everything in a letterheads needs to flow well. I have come up with a variety of letterheads for “Crowe About It” some better than others and some which are just poor. I still need to decide which I want to go with if any of these below:

Out of the above I would say the last two are the better ones, slight tweaks could make it work.

Next Stage: Making CD Graphics and a CD Case.

Carrying on from the Self Promotion project I decided to stay with the Crowe about it saying and push forward into designing business cards, I like the bright use of colours used in the logo designs so kept these throughout. I thought using the logo as a business card (speech bubble shaped) could be interesting and grab the attention of on lookers standing out from the standard cards we see around. However, this could get pricey if I decided to stay with this idea so I will need to explore other designs. Just so you know these were (clearly) made by me as you can tell by the rough edges and wonky lines.

I wanted to keep the front of the card interesting and bold whilst keeping the back purely for my contact details. I think the text is roughly the right size, perhaps needing to be a bit bigger. I love the opportunity of using a variety of colours, I always like vibrant colours in my designs and this one is no different.

After a few tweaks I would say these business cards are ready. The next design step is coming up with some ideas for letterheads, CD cases and graphics to go on the actual CD. We also need to create a poster which will be printed using printing methods we have been learning the past few weeks, the most common method will be to use screen printing so my design will need to be fairly simple and restricted to a few colours if not, just one.