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As a second year brief we visited Bristol, our task was to choose a letter and take photographs of all the ones we could find throughout the city. I chose the letter G and wanted to go about the brief a bit differently. I found a variety of the letters within structures and shapes rather than the simple route within text. In addition to finding these photos we were asked to document our day in a small journal.

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We were asked to produce a creative journal, this would become a personal record of our work and progress during the second year module. Throughout the year I have been documenting anything I find inspiring on my blog as well as personal achievements. For the journal I decided to do something a little different, Ideally I wanted to produce a perspex poster which would hang from the sealing during the summer show – however, due to time concerns I instead created a book using a mix of card and acetate layers.

Typo Tips was a short time framed brief in which we were asked to produce a publication of our choice explaining certain typographic techniques and tricks. Using the information provided to us I created this simplistic black and white booklet and sleeve. Two packs next to each other spell Typo Tips.

Typo Tips on behance

Typo Tips on behance

I recently published my self promotional newspaper mailer on behance. It would be great to get some comments on it.

Duttons gave us a second live brief this week. It was to design a poster and leaflet advertising Weston Film Festival. The details were quite vague allowing us the opportunity to take it a direction we wanted. The film festival would show classic films so I looked into what I would describe as ‘Old Time’ imagery  and came across a penny farthing. From this I took the image of a film reel and put it into the wheels of the farthing. In addition I added a light/projector lens to the vehicle.I wanted to make the film come from the large wheel and lead onto the lower one, however it lost the look of a penny farthing so I left it as it is. The bottom right logo was supplied to us. I realise that the second poster is missing a hole in one of the reels. Oops.

Today we got a one day typography brief. It was to encourage us to use typography correctly and cleanly. We based the information of Erik Spiekermann’s tips. I found the brief quite easy as I already know a lot about type setting and how to use it properly. Nonetheless the brief was interesting and I will post my final outcomes soon!

Clever Design. They show what shoes would like like if they were turned into a small box

Simplistic use of lego to make well known characters.

‘German advertising agency Jung von Matt created a wonderful minimalist ad campaign for Lego which not only looks great but also forces us to ‘Imagine’. It’s great not just because of its aesthetics but because it delivers a strong message – LEGO will put your imagination to work. However, copyranter and have pointed out that the idea might be a rip-off of a fan-created Lego artwork that appeared earlier than this ad campaign.’

South Park

The Simpsons

Asterix and Obelix

Donald Duck

Ernie and Bert

The Smurfs

Ninja Turtles

Lucky Luke and the Daltons

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I came across this website with a variety of interesting and unique business cards. None of them, I consider to be standard business cards, they each have their individual flair. Here are a few.

Personal Business Cards

‘Personal project for Dario Monetini’s own business card. It’s made on a transparent plastic, and there’s a set of different objects you can use to put in front of the face of your friends to have a kind. The artists says it’s a funny version of an analogic photoshop! ‘

Tok&Stok – Toy Chair Business Card

I love the creativity in this next card, something I have not seen done before.

‘Going to a store and taking a business card is customary. Now, what you can do with it is what varies. Tok&Stok turned their business card in a entertainment. To allude to their easy to assemble furniture, the brand launched an unprecedented action that converts the business card in a little chair. To do so is very simple: just detach the parts marked and put them together. The back of the card has the logo, while the seat takes the essential information such as address and phone number. ‘

Hair Dresser Business Cards

I like the interactivity in this design, simple, yet shows what the business is about. It is certainly my style of work/use of colour.

‘This is a fun and standout design that is both memorable and will keep the kid busy while you get your haircut.’

These are just a selection of cards, there are lots more here: