I came across this website with a variety of interesting and unique business cards. None of them, I consider to be standard business cards, they each have their individual flair. Here are a few.

Personal Business Cards

‘Personal project for Dario Monetini’s own business card. It’s made on a transparent plastic, and there’s a set of different objects you can use to put in front of the face of your friends to have a kind. The artists says it’s a funny version of an analogic photoshop! ‘

Tok&Stok – Toy Chair Business Card

I love the creativity in this next card, something I have not seen done before.

‘Going to a store and taking a business card is customary. Now, what you can do with it is what varies. Tok&Stok turned their business card in a entertainment. To allude to their easy to assemble furniture, the brand launched an unprecedented action that converts the business card in a little chair. To do so is very simple: just detach the parts marked and put them together. The back of the card has the logo, while the seat takes the essential information such as address and phone number. ‘

Hair Dresser Business Cards

I like the interactivity in this design, simple, yet shows what the business is about. It is certainly my style of work/use of colour.

‘This is a fun and standout design that is both memorable and will keep the kid busy while you get your haircut.’

These are just a selection of cards, there are lots more here: