Crowe About It is the self promotional material and branding of myself. The concept derives from the use of my second name tying in with the phrase ‘to crow about something’ meaning to talk or shout about something through conversation. The idea behind this creative direct mailer follows on from my personal branding twisting another phrase; read all about it to Crowe About It. That is the reason I decided to design a newspaper. The paper would hold a selected few projects as well as information about myself as a designer. I needed to come up with a clever way to ask for feedback from the companies I send this mailer to. Therefore I designed the inner back page with a coupon and feedback slip on, the coupon says they can have me as a designer for X amount of time and the feedback form to give me criticisms. The idea is that they will cut out the coupon if they would like to give me a placement and also send back the feedback form. I included a pre-paid envelope.

For letter heads, compliment slips, envelopes and other stationery I have put my logo onto stickers pre cut out, these stickers will be placed on the stationery making each slightly individual and different.

Lots of photographs of the direct mailer.

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