This was a one day project in which we were asked to come up with three concepts for ‘The Green Stationery Company’ who, as you can probably guess are an ethical Stationery company. Final designs were not important but the idea behind should be solid. However, I like to present my work as well as I can so decided to finalise a few business cards to see what they would look like once printed.

Concept one was a simple idea but executed to a high standard. The use of a quill/feather relates back to the green side of the company whilst also showing they sell stationery. The logo also reflects the ‘well established’ look they were after.

Concept number two was based on a ‘seal of approval’ but like the Rainforest alliance to show that their products are ethically sourced/made etc.

Concept three was exaggerated the artists use of a pocket to contain his or her equipment by having various items of stationery inside. The pocket is made to look like a leaf to relate back to the ethical side of the company.