For this project we began by researching the term ‘Language’ as broadly as we could, thinking of anything and everything which came to mind in order to gain an understanding of what language is and how it can be interpreted etc. After this I decided to work on the language of speech, more specifically how we have adapted to speak physically over time. The brief required us to create a publication of some sort to best reflect our particular subject and had to have an interactive element. I chose to create a flip book which would show a physical movement of the physical change of our vocals best summarising my chosen topic.

In addition to making a creative publication we also had to make our sketchbook in a different more unique way to our previous books. This was to get us thinking more broadly about ways we can document research we find. Therefore, I designed a (roughly) five metre long roll sketchbook, summarising my initial research through to the development of the flip book. To contrast from the vibrant flip book I made the sketchbook black and white (and grey) and I am very pleased with the professional finish and look of it.