We were given a brief by the third years to design and print a selection of cards, posters/prints or accessories which would then be sold in the ‘Little Shop Of Graphics’ which is a Campus based shop run in order to raise money for the end of year show.

I decided to create some cards and went down the quite ‘cheesy'(that is what Valentines Day is about) route of using cute vector drawn animals with phrases such as ‘I love ewe’. There were quite a lot of these animal puns which I narrowed down to these three; ‘I love you Beary much’, I love Ewe’ and ‘Don’t forget I love you’. Conicidently, if you put them all together it can say ‘Don’t forget I love Ewe Beary much’.

When it came to putting the cards onto screens for printing I had to consider the layers of colour and order. Layering colour on top of another colour would not work out well as the medium used is quite opaque. Therefore, I n Once I had designed all three cards I needed to decide on how to print them, to get that hand made slightly rough feel I had to screen print them. This was a fairly difficult and time consuming task as each card had three or more colours therefore a lot of patience was required.

This is what the screens looked like, one card per screen:

After the screens were made I began the printing starting with the sheep(as it had the least number of colours; 3) and ending on the bear. I wanted the style of the cards to be quite rough, in my opinion adding to the ‘hand made’ aspect of the project, so not all of the prints line up on top of each other. These are the final outcomes which I am pretty pleased with overall.

I Love Ewe:

Don’t Forget I Love You:

I Love You Beary Much:

The Collection:

I hope to sell these for £2.00 each, which I feel is a very reasonable price considering the time taken to individually hand print them all.