During the summer we were given a project called “I am me…what shall I be?” It involved a series of questions about our selves, some straight forward, some bizarre which we needed to answer in a creative format and post it to the college.

I decided to answer each questions in a small fold out which would then slip inside a sleeve. I thought a little work was needed in order to find out the answers. Here are a few photos of the final product, I feel they compliment each other very well in the variety of colours I chose.

Part 2: Poster Design

The second part of the brief required me to chose one of the questions and answers from the thirteen before and design a poster using purely typography, restricted to one colour. I decided to use the question “Name your favourite children’s storybook character” Answer: The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The reason I wanted to go with this answer was because I felt it had a fair bit of potential when it came to the design.

I am fairly pleased with the final poster. The difficulty of being restricted to only typography and the use of one colour became apparent when undertaking the brief but I feel the poster answers the brief well.

The third part was, using the same question, create a 3D model to resemble the answer. I clearly had to make a caterpillar.

Using a variety of different shaped 3D octagons I was able to make a cylindrical looking caterpillar:

Although this was not the most fascinating or exciting project, I feel I did ok on it and look forward to the next stage, we need to document the process of this brief which I think I will do in a digitally made sketchbook combined with a rough sketchbook as well.