Yesterday was the day we were due to present our second final presentation of the year, it is to be based on our essay and pretty much summarise some of the points made. The essay question is:

“How does a contemporary Graphic Designer communicate their ideas/messages/intentions to a given target audience?”

I decided to compare how Cadbury and Coca Cola communicate to their audiences through the medium of TV advertisements. I showed a quick video of the Gorilla advert by Cadbury and the 2010 World Cup History Of Celebration advert by Coca Cola. These formed the basis of my presentation.

Things that were discussed:

  • Brief intro into the backgrounds of Cadbury and Coca Cola
  • How Cadbury uses a metaphor of the Gorilla to show Joy after eating their chocolate
  • How Coca Cola use the strong emotions surrounding the World Cup to show Happiness after drinking their Coca Cola
  • How subtle techniques remind us of the companies within the adverts
  • Summing up the similarities between both
  • Giving my point of view to which I prefer and why

I would say I did well during this presentation, the aim was to spend ten minutes and I reached just over that so I was pleased as for our first Final Presentation I was under. Cue cards help significantly to remind myself of what I was discussing and also to keep track of time, as well as this I also had my iPhone with the stop watch on. Overall I think the presentation was enjoyable and engaging, touching on the correct aspects of communication within design.

These are the two advertisements I showed.