Today in our groups we presented our Coca Cola presentation on how the brand is portrayed to a wide audience, we discussed how Coca Cola started out and how their logo progressed over the past hundred years to what they have today, a more contemporary design.

Each week we get given another presentation to do in our groups, it is hard to gain accurate feedback from these because one week we are told one thing then the next we are told to do another, contradicting what was said the previous week. Therefore understanding what we are doing right or wrong seems impossible…none the less I think we designed, presented and talked well about the company Coca Cola and it’s packaging. Coca Cola is such a huge area to research and look into that summarising it would take longer than five minutes. This is why we wanted to briefly touch on the history of Coke and focus more on the design today and why such elements are used.

Oh well. Onto the next presentation, this time discussing the differences and simmilarties between two magazines of similar genre.

I really wished we would get given a task which did not involve a presentation, literally anything would be better. No wonder everyone finds contextual studies boring.