We all received have another lived brief recently, a few people were already undergoing a live brief whilst the rest of us got split into two to take on two other briefs, we could either work alone or as small groups. I have opted to work alone, I feel I work better this way, that way if my designs are not up to scratch i’m the only one to blame and I find it is a lot easier and quicker avoiding the need to transfer files to team mates.

The company is called Accendology and is another learning company(we always seem to get these types of clients…) I thought imagery would be quite hard to use for this so I avoided it. Currently I have kept the design very simple and professional looking, the brief is very vague so will need to ask a few questions to work out exactly what is asked of us.

The logo is pretty much all typography based, from left to right, letterhead, compliment slips and business cards and an invoice. The client asked that everything is to be compatible with word so I can only assume it will be printed by themselves, so another question to ask is will compliment slips/business cards be able to be double sided.

The designs are still work in progress so could change dramatically, but hopefully it will be ok.