This was our “ratio” project, it started by being set a task over christmas to literally ‘research the word ratio’, that was all we were given in terms of information on what to do, did we have to research ratio in general or ratio in design work? In groups of 2/3 accompanied by a second year (creative director) we had to create a visually creative presentation explaining an aspect of ratio we thought was interesting. We chose to do ours on time signatures in music because we believed it had good potential to get people involved by showing videos and playing some music. The presentation went well but then we were given the task to create an info graphic on this chosen topic, not being allowed to change our idea to an idea easier to represent using imagery.

Nonetheless I cracked on and thought of ways to explain time signatures using imagery, rather than using musical images I decided to apply time signatures to elephants, because you know, we all love elephants. Right?

I thought it would be far more engaging to use imagery un related to music, yet use it to explain our chosen topic.

I started by designing some elephants and thinking how to represent time signatures, a 4/4 would mean there are 4 beats and one beat is emphasised, usually the first beat but in this case I changed the look of the 4th elephant because it worked better this way as we read left to right.

I played around with the typography and decided to make it all a bit more fun by adding some witty and funny comments whilst still being informative. The smaller elephants lower down made the design look more like a info graphic and less like a poster.

It was coming along very nicely, I changed the background to a brighter colour to make it stand out better and gain a greater interest, I also rotated the page to portrait to see how it looked, however I believe it looked better landscape.

Small changes and subtle tweaks and it is pretty much completed, It all ties together nicely, the short lines to split up areas of the page work well and sharper looking music notes complete the design. I am quite pleased with the outcome of this one, seeing as it was a rather bizarre idea and generally hated the ratio project, I now quite like this project.

Still a work in progress but I think it’s getting there.