This project involved choosing a topic out of three choices and creating and developing 3 pages for a magazine, one double page and a single page, although this was very open to interpretation and change, the pages could be any size, for example not necessarily A4, they could be square.

I chose to do my magazine pages on the resurgence of the allotments as I believe this had a fair bit of potential. I’m not that great at illustration so i stayed away from doing any drawings, instead i decided to go down the route of Typography and Photography using a 3 column grid (or 2 if you count 2 pages together, 6). The background I chose to use is quite powerful and dark, so I used white text and a light lime green to create contrast.

I’m not too sure what I think of the final out come, I have been looking at it for too long to decide whether I think it is good or not. I could have experiment using a different background, perhaps a lighter image or a front facing view of an allotment, but I thought this photo summarised garden work well. Could you see it in a gardening magazine?

The page on the left was made to be the single page and the two right pages would be the double page spread, however these could be swapped around quite easily and would work together as well.