So for the self promotion project we have been learning and re-capping about various printing methods, the main being screen printing. We need to design a poster advertising ourself and print it in a method we feel is best using traditional methods. I will be using screen printing because you can get accurate, clear prints easily using vibrant colours to do so. Where as using an inkjet printer may leave the final colours looking washed out.

I wanted to keep my poster simple and very eye catching. I had designed a poster which I liked, our tutor Jonathan Doney suggested changing it to the one below, however after playing around we both agreed my original design was much more effective.


Here is the design I will be going with, a strong logo in the corner with contact details below. The large amounts of negative space works well, showing a sharp, contemporary design.

Although the white blends into the yellow in the left image I think once screen printed it should become a lot clearer, these are not my final colour choices, I will need to see what inks are available when it comes to printing but I would image it will work in any colour I choose because the design and layout is so strong and effective.