So I have been working on designs to go onto the CD we need to make, the CD would be sent to possible clients or designers to show off my work, so it had to be eye catching and not one that is looked at once and put to one side. I think I got the design right the first time , I have(what I would say is) a strong logo so it was just about applying it in a creative and interesting manor.

The first image was simply playing around with making the text go around the outer curve of the CD, I thought it would be pretty cool to have contacts details shown in this way with a striking image in the centre. I also had to bare in mind the hole in the middle of the CD and if it would distort my logo.

The second image shows my logo positioned centrally on the CD, I like how bold it is and how well it stands out, the hole in the CD takes the place of the “O” in Crowe, so I think it works well. However, the ‘about it’ looks odd positioned centrally below “Crowe”, I decided to justify the “about it” to the right, lining up with the right side of  “Crowe”

The bright yellow blends in with the white logo so I decided to try a few different colours similar to the business cards, I believe it will work in any colour providing it is vibrant and not too light. The yellow may work depending on the type of ink used on top of the CD, I will have to print it out and see what it looks like, if I have doubts I will just use the blue above or another one of my chosen colours, magenta, black or green.

The next stage is creating the CD case/sleeve, I don’t like the design below because it is too basic and just looks naff. I want it to be something someone keeps and not a CD pushed to one side, if I want to be remembered I need to think more creatively outside the box (/sleeve), maybe relating it to my name somehow.

Next Stage: Designing a poster ready to be screen printed.