Carrying on from the Self Promotion project I decided to stay with the Crowe about it saying and push forward into designing business cards, I like the bright use of colours used in the logo designs so kept these throughout. I thought using the logo as a business card (speech bubble shaped) could be interesting and grab the attention of on lookers standing out from the standard cards we see around. However, this could get pricey if I decided to stay with this idea so I will need to explore other designs. Just so you know these were (clearly) made by me as you can tell by the rough edges and wonky lines.

I wanted to keep the front of the card interesting and bold whilst keeping the back purely for my contact details. I think the text is roughly the right size, perhaps needing to be a bit bigger. I love the opportunity of using a variety of colours, I always like vibrant colours in my designs and this one is no different.

After a few tweaks I would say these business cards are ready. The next design step is coming up with some ideas for letterheads, CD cases and graphics to go on the actual CD. We also need to create a poster which will be printed using printing methods we have been learning the past few weeks, the most common method will be to use screen printing so my design will need to be fairly simple and restricted to a few colours if not, just one.