This brief is all about idea generation and concepts, using aspects of our names or connections to them we needed to brand and promote ourself, creating a logo, business card, letterhead, CD graphics and a CD holder(can not be a typical plastic case). Coming up with a decent recognisable idea from my name was quite difficult, it is said that branding yourself is the hardest thing a designer can do and I would not disagree with that.

I started to think of words or objects associated with my name coming up with simple things such as “matte paint”, “crow bar” and a “welcome mat” however I did not particularly like these ideas so decided to go down the route of Sayings which use the word crow. After a quick research I came up with people “Crowing about something” which means talking about it, spreading the word etc. I quite liked this idea so decided to work with it and think how I could show people “croweing” about my work. We associate speech bubbles with talking so would naturally be an effective, simple option to use, here are the results so far.

I played with the saying, tweaking it to, “Something to Crowe About” and “Crowe About It”. I still need to develop the idea further but I think it is going along the correct route, at least for the first time of branding myself.

The images show how the idea and design can be used in a variety of situations such as poster, leaflet, letterhead and business card design. I’m not sure if the crow is essential seeing as the saying pretty much sums up the thought behind the design however perhaps it could be used as a mascot which would appear now and then on my website.

The last design is a business card which I feel could be an interesting idea, nothing too drastic so still a viable option and also an intriguing piece of design.